Data Analytics

We offer a full range of advanced Data Services that ensure actionable insights and maximum ROI.

Our Digital world is changing fast and has become more and more exciting in term of the possibilities we have to track and measure the performance of our digital channels and campaigns, to the finest details. We can analyse what audiences are visiting your site, where they come from, how they flow through your site, which sub audiences click on specific banner ads and place an order and which campaign performs best.

Absolutely crucial in this aspect however is that your data are tracked accurately and as detailed as possible, your analytics are set up correctly and you are measuring the right metrics. We can help with that.

Our data Analysts are the best in NZ and champions in their field; they are very passionate about everything data. Our Analysts can audit your analytics set up and assess what needs adjusting to ensure you have data that can be trusted and acted upon. By setting up comprehensive dashboards that offer you a complete overview of your data they are able to provide invaluable insights that can fuel your Digital and Optimisation strategy. The possibilities are endless and the insights will make a crucial difference to your ability to make data-driven decisions that transform your bottom line.

How we deal with client data to optimise results

As a Google marketing platform sales partner, we are uniquely positioned to offer you a full spectrum of Data Services, such as:

  • GA Health check and Set up to ensure your data is clean
  • Data Analysis
  • Creation of Dashboards that generate weekly or monthly reports on your campaigns
  • Funnel tracking
  • Campaign tracking
  • Data driven personalisation
  • Revenue, retention, pricing and churn analyses

Being Tools agnostic, we can work with the systems you have or are planning to implement. We work on a daily basis with Enterprise Solutions like Adobe Analytics or Google Analytics 360 which enable advanced strategies that make your data meaningful and actionable. Our experts can also work with you to integrate this platform with other platforms such as Google marketing Platform, Sales Cloud or BigQuerry. Combining these kind of platforms really brings it to the next level, which is where the exciting things happen and the real difference is made. 

Total supporting you as a Certified Partner

We will help you choose the best platform for your needs. Once the decision has been made, we will help with the implementation and make sure you unlock all the features to their full potential. Doing this yourself can be daunting, so when you purchase Google Analytics 360 or Adobe Analytics through a Partner like us, you can be assured we work with you and your team to get the best ROI on your investment.

Data Analytics

To get the benefits from your campaigns & digital channels and to feed your Optimisation Strategy you need a solid & complete data analytics set up, plus detailed tracking and reporting. Our experts can support you with this

Digital Strategy

As part of an Optimisation Program, our specialists gather qualitative and quantitative data and apply their in depth knowledge and experience to provide solid CRO Strategy and recommendations.


Optimisation via A/B Testing should be an integral part of any digital marketing strategy in order to optimise your channels, which is why thorough “always on” testing is part of our Optimisation program.

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