We enhance Online experiences through Data-Driven Optimisation.

Our specialist team identifies Optimisation issues through rigorous Data Analytics and resolves these through advanced optimisation strategies.
Simply said: we get you the results you need from your digital channels.

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Catchi is your Full-Service Optimisation Consultancy.

Advanced Data Analytics.
Measuring is king!

To get the benefits from your campaigns and digital channels you need a solid & complete data analytics set up, plus detailed tracking and reporting.

As a Google marketing platform sales partner, we are uniquely positioned to offer you a full range of Data Services:


  • GA Health check and Set up
  • GA 360 Set up
  • Data Analysis
  • Creation of Dashboards
  • Funnel tracking
  • Campaign tracking
  • Data driven personalisation

Same traffic, more revenue.

Catchi specialises in optimising revenue and growing profit online – both in the acquisition and retention of customers and sales.

Based on your data, we identify optimisation opportunities and tailor make an optimisation strategy for your channels.


  • Digital Optimisation Strategy
  • Heuristic assessment
  • Campaign optimisation
  • Product and pricing optimisation
  • Personalisation
  • A/B testing

When you need results in a competitive space, you need a specialist team.

Our clients know that success in the fast-evolving digital space isn’t based on guess work. It’s all about using solid analytical data & heuristic driven hypotheses to drive ongoing testing to optimise their User Experience. Our multidiscipline team is here to make this happen for you too.


Here’s why our clients choose us as their Optimisation partner.

We’ve seen an increase in online sales globally of 25% just in the first 12 months alone

The team at Catchi helped us increase online revenue by $6 million during the first 3 months of the engagement

We’ve seen our conversion rates increase between 35% and 60% across all our digital channels

Here’s how Catchi has teamed up with Countdown and the results they have achieved together.

Learn more about how Catchi has helped Wireless Nation and the impact this has had on their results.

Catchi has worked with Les Mills On Demand on an ongoing basis, achieving excellent results, learn more here. 

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Having worked across industries worldwide, our clients range in traffic & size from medium through to large multinationals. Each business is unique and we can tailor our program to your goals and KPI’s.

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