A full-service partner in

data-driven optimisation

An international team of specialists with over 40 years experience in optimisation combined. With our proven framework and tailored approach, we work with you to implement a customised optimisation plan focused on your goals to convert leads, engage customers, and skyrocket success.  

Our methods work best for high volume, high traffic online businesses or companies with high turnover looking to improve their online performance.

The Catchi Methodology

We use our proven five-step framework to shift the needle in your business, find opportunities, remove friction points and grow your business & revenue online.

Data & Insights

We perform a detailed data analysis via Google Analytics and other tools available to get insight into the behaviour and preferences of your visitors. This will help us detect revenue leaks and low hanging fruit for Optimisation.

Your Value Proposition

The way you present and explain your offering and its benefits will significantly influence whether your visitors take the action you want. We will assess this aspect of your site and offer recommendations for improvement.

User experience, Information Architecture & Customer Journey

The structure and flow of your site determine how you guide your visitors through their journey. They should create a clear path to follow so your visitors experience the process as easy and intuitive. We will assess and offer recommendations.

Copy & Design

For your site to be most effective, it is crucial that the website copy is written in a clear, relevant and intuitive way, aligned with your brand and offer and without putting any conversion barriers in the way. We review & provide clear directions on how this can be strengthened.

Goals and CTA’s

Each site has a purpose and serves to achieve specific company KPI’s. These could be # of sales, leads, signs ups, education offered, etc. The goals for the site need to be crystal clear and translated strategically into the visitor flow and Call to Actions. We assess this to ensure KPI’s can be met.

Our Process

At Catchi we focus on results. We begin with an initial analysis and consultation to understand your needs and goals. We use data & insights to inform our recommendations which removes any guesswork.

From there, we'll brainstorm potential solutions and strategies, customised to your business needs. Using our proven framework, our plan is focused on delivering tangible results that meet your goals.

Once on-board, our team will start implementing straight away - freeing up your time and resource internally while you get consistent results!  

Meet The Specialists

Our team is small and agile, so you get personalised service and proven expertise across the board - to us, you're not just a number, but considered a valued partner.

Working with Catchi you get access to a high calibre team consisting of heavyweight specialists that have been hand-picked from all over the globe.

With extensive experience across various markets & industries, across a wide range of market segments & industries; we’ve seen it all.

Why Choose us?

Talk with a specialist to learn if our process is right for your business

During the session, we will discuss:

  • Your conversion goals
  • The questions and insights you need to double your sales
  • How our methodology could best be applied to your business (The same process we've used to generate over $246M in revenue in one experiment!)
  • The considerations that are most likely to be impacting your results
  • Your traffic & turnover (to ensure this method is the right fit for you)

This is a no-obligation session. For this reason, it's not for everyone. These sessions are only right for those businesses looking to dramatically change their results and to be open with what is happening in your business and your goals.