What we do...

We wrote the play book for optimisation in Australasia

Our goal is to transform the online experience for customers, with a customer-centric approach that focuses on removing friction to create a user-friendly experience which converts more of your traffic, into buyers and loyal customers through data-driven optimisation.

With one experiment alone generating over $246M in incremental revenue from tracked experiments.

Catchi’s core services include providing data-driven optimisation through these key areas:

  • Strategy & Planning
  • Data & Insights
  • Conversion Rate Optimisation
  • Development & Implementation

We’ve worked with over 200+ companies across a range of industries and countries. Specifically Insurance, Finance, Travel, Aviation, Government, Technology, Software & Service businesses looking to improve their performance online.


Catchi’s core services include providing data-driven optimisation through these key areas:

Strategy & Planning

A good strategy will make or break your experimentation program. With no strategy in place, you risk running the wrong tests, in the wrong order, on the wrong goals. Get the strategy right, and you’ll have an impactful and scalable experimentation framework.

This framework can help you apply testing not just to your website, but across your entire organisation. So you can test & optimise messaging, design, brand elements, functionality, user experience – even your advertising, pricing and product.

Data & Insights

We focus on gaining actionable insights to solve your business problems. We support google analytics and marketing focused data, so all our work is backed by sound insights & fact, not unreliable guess-work.

Our team are specialists in providing solutions that solve challenging complex data issues. We turn the numbers into meaningful insights, identifying issues and building useful dashboards and empowering digital marketing teams with the insights needed to drive the business forward.

Conversation Rate Optimisation

We first find out why users aren't converting and where the website is underperforming using a combination of quantitative and qualitative analysis:

Quantitative analysis: Using tools like web + data analytics, form analysis, session replay and heatmapping, we can pinpoint where users are abandoning.

Qualitative analysis: Then, we find out why they're abandoning by combining this data with insight from usability testing, surveys and user interviews.

Analysis & Reporting

We keep a close eye on the tests to ensure that they are running smoothly and performing as expected. We use robust statistical modelling to ensure that the results observed during a test are significant, and translate to long term benefits for your business.

For successful tests, we scale the impact by potentially retesting a more aggressive variation and by applying the same hypothesis to other pages in the funnel. For unsuccessful tests, we ensure there are always learnings that can enrich the testing program and overall business.

Talk with a specialist to learn if our process is right for your business

During the session, we will discuss:

  • Your conversion goals
  • The questions and insights you need to double your sales
  • How our methodology could best be applied to your business (The same process we've used to generate over $246M in revenue in one experiment!)
  • The considerations that are most likely to be impacting your results
  • Your traffic & turnover (to ensure this method is the right fit for you)

This is a no-obligation session. For this reason, it's not for everyone. These sessions are only right for those businesses looking to dramatically change their results and to be open with what is happening in your business and your goals.