Catchi Methodology:
a proven, data driven process of finding creative solutions to convert your website visitors into leads or customers and achieve your KPI's.


What makes us unique:

  • Technological agnostic

  • People and team focussed

  • Passionate change agents and mentors

  • Agile and methodology based

  • People work with us because we are honest, transparant and committed

Through research, strategy and experimentation we identify weak-performing areas of your website and develop a winning conversion rate optimisation programme.

CRO capability
The CRO Maturity Model

One of the tools we use when partnering up with you is the maturity model of CRO as pictured on the left. It helps to determine where you are on the CRO spectrum of maturity and looks into your unique composition of People, Knowledge, Activities, Testing strategy, Processes, Tooling and Sponsors. This determines the best way to work together and how we can tailor our CRO programme to fit your requirements. As these factors may change (someone leaves, you bring in a new tool, you want to do more advanced work, etc) over time, the way we work and its intensity may be adjusted accordingly.


Catchi 5 Step Method

When assessing a website and digital assets at the start of a CRO Programme, we use the following 5 Step method to gain insights and offer suggestions as part of our Optimisation Strategy Document.

  1. Digital Insights
    We perform a detailed data analysis via Google Analytics and other tools available to get good insight into the behavior and preferences of your visitors. This will help us detect revenue leaks and low hanging fruit for Optimisation.
  2. Your Value Proposition
    The way you present and explain your offering and its benefits will significantly influence whether your visitors take the action you want. We will assess this aspect of your site and offer recommendations for improvement.
  3. Information Architecture and Customer Journey
    The structure and flow of your site determine how you guide your visitors through their journey. They should create a clear path to follow so your visitors experience the process as easy and intuitive. We will assess your site and offer recommendations for optimization.
  4. Copy & Design
    For your site to be most effective, it is crucial that the website copy is written in a clear, relevant and intuitive way, aligned with your brand and offer and without putting any conversion barriers in the way. We review your content and give clear directions on how this can be strengthened.
  5. Goals and CTA’s
    Each site has a purpose and serves to achieve specific company KPI’s. These could be # of sales, leads, signs ups, education offered, etc. The goals for the site need to be crystal clear and translated strategically into the visitor flow and Call to Actions. We assess this to ensure KPI’s can be met.


Catchi Principle:
A website should be a Chain of Yes’es

When visitors click through your site, each step in their process is like a link in a chain. At each given moment your visitors need to mentally say “yes” to the different elements on your website. Yes to a “Learn more” button, “Yes” to adding a product to their basket and “Yes” to order or sign up. It only takes 1 “no” along the way to lose a customer; this is why our specialists look at the integrity of the complete visitor journey, check all the “links” and optimise the full chain to ensure visitors continue their journey and take the action(s) you want them to take.


Catchi Principle:
A website should have TRAC-tion

One of the key “filters” we have developed in-house to optimise our clients’ websites, is the acronym “TRAC-tion™. This relates to key considerations we take into account when assessing a website. Like a car, your website needs TRAC-tion for your site to accelerate to the success level you are after. The 4 considerations are:

  • Does it build Trust?
    People prefer to do business with companies they trust; this is why you need “trust building elements” on your site that confirm you are trustworthy and safe to deal with.
  • Is it Relevant?
    Your site content needs to be relevant and to the point in order to maintain the interest of a visitor; while browsing each part of their journey needs to offer the right kind and level of information.
  • Is it Appealing?
    Straight from the start and throughout their time on site, visitors will make a decision about the attractiveness of your site (both in look and in functionality) and whether they feel connected to your brand and offer, it’s important to meet their needs to capture their interest.
  • Is it Clear?
    One of the biggest reasons visitors leave a website, is that it simply is unclear. As they say “A confused mind says no”, hence a site needs to be very clear on all levels in terms of message, direction and actions required, in order to maintain an effective flow.


Insights via the Triangle of Consumer Insights

In our Research Lab, each method of collecting insights has its advantages and disadvantages. Applying our “Triangle of Consumer Insights” is our way of making sure we cover the most critical methods for gaining insights in the digital space. The three points of the Triangle are: Click Stream, User Observation, and Feedback.

  • Click Stream refers to quantitative research and focuses on website analytics like Google Analytics, Adobe Omniture, Piwik, SiteCensus, etc. It looks into visitor data such as traffic sources, page views, time on site, bounce rate, visitor flow, etc which can be analysed to detect revenue leaks on your site.
  • User Observation is qualitative research and refers to the observation of the behaviour of a select group of users performing certain key task on a site. It gives the opportunity to observe, ask questions and gain the deepest insights about why a user took a certain action.
  • Feedback refers to a method whereby you give the user a voice. Feedback loops allow the users to tell you what they want, when they want to tell you, and in their own unprompted way. This data is the rawest and most authentic you will ever get and it is normally collected using User Surveys.

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