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In the Catchi Experiment Lab, our main focus is on testing. Split testing (a/b testing & multivariate testing) is a fundamental, crucial part of Conversion Rate Optimisation to back up strategy with sound test data. Even with years of optimisation experience and by applying all CRO best practices, one can never know 100% for sure whether something will work on a site or not. Your site, value proposition and audience are all unique so what works for another site may not necessary work for yours.

Test, test and test a bit more

The key to data-driven optimisation is to test, test and test a bit more. Ongoing, “always on” testing should be an integral part of a digital marketing strategy in order to optimise a site, which is why we always make it part of our Digital Conversion programme. Thanks to our highly experienced experiment developers we are able to run anything from easy tests to technically challenging ones that generate high-level insights and learnings. We are also able to support you in the assessment and implementation of tools necessary for an effective CRO Programme.

Stand-alone or integrated?

We can look after the full test cycle for you including test strategy, test build and reporting. Alternatively, our Experiment Lab can also engage with you on an experiment-only basis if required and offers the opportunity to just outsource the coding of your experiments to our experienced experiment developers via our Testbuilders service. For most of our clients, the Experiment Lab is part of their CRO programme, which combines testing with our Strategy Lab and Research Lab. This programme is designed to work in synergy and hence gives you the very best results. Learn more about how our Digital Conversion Programme could help you boost your revenue.

Some of the tools we work with


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As every company is unique with regards to its (digital) set up, team, knowledge, size and product and/or service offering, we can have a chat and discuss the best way for us to team up and tailor our services and level of involvement to your requirements.

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