About New Zealand Trade and Enterprise

New Zealand Trade and Enterprise (NZTE) is the Government’s international business development agency. Their purpose is to grow companies internationally – bigger, better, faster – for the benefit of New Zealand and NZTE provides advice and support to businesses exporting from and importing to New Zealand.

The Challenge:

NZTE wants its website to be a self-service resource that people can use to start their Export process and get them to a stage where they would become a NZTE customer. NZTE achieves this by providing market insights and opportunities, by sector and region/country and useful information and tools to build the expertise needed to be competitive internationally.

On the NZTE website it is therefore vital that visitors can find the right information quickly and easily and that the content is audience centric, measurable and close to source. As part of the website conversion optimisation work Catchi is performing, the measurable outcome NZTE wanted to achieve was to increase the number of visitors who were finding the correct self-help services.

The Solution:

After an initial website assessment using our unique Catchi Method we created a clear testing plan, outlining which tests we suggested running on which pages and sections of the website. This included user testing the site as well as A/B split testing. The goal was to drive traffic to the areas we knew were the most valuable but weren’t being found as often as it should have been. We measured the impact of changes using testing software which told us how the changes had impacted the users’ behaviour on the site. In addition, we also ran user tests to gain even more insights into areas of improvement.

The Outcome:

Using Optimizely we then ran a series of Website Conversion Optimisation tests over a 6 months period increasing the site’s overall conversion rates for both engagement and visits to key areas of the site. A key goal for NZTE was to decrease pressure on resources which could be done by offering more content through the website. The test below focused on providing relevant and timely information through the News and Media section which wasn’t being found as often as it should. This NZTE test resulted in a 29.7% increase in visits to the news and Media sections.

The control is pictured on the left and the winning variation on the right:


Below is an overview of the results of this NZTE Conversion Rate Optimisation test: