About Genesis Energy:

Genesis Energy is New Zealand’s largest electricity and gas retailer, supplying energy through their two retail brands – Genesis Energy and Energy Online – to more than 650,000 customer connections across New Zealand. Catchi has been consistently working with Genesis Energy on both their retail brands for over two years.

The Challenge:

In the highly competitive electricity retail space, it’s crucial a website is as frictionless as possible, addressing the prospect’s questions and concerns at the right time (in the decision making process) at the right space (in the funnel). Due to the high volume of traffic the site receives, even the smallest uplift in conversion rates has a big impact on the company’s bottom line. Genesis Energy has engaged Catchi to help them increase the digital conversion rates, leading to an increase in new customers and create valuable insights into visitors’ behaviour in order to keep offering them a better experience.


The Solution:

After an initial website assessment (across desktop, mobile and tablet) using our unique Catchi Method which took place at the beginning of our working relationship, we created a clear testing plan, outlining which tests we suggested running on which pages and sections of the website. Since then we have been running tests and personalised experiences (e.g. geo-targeting and customers vs non-customers) across different areas of the site (with a separate conversion strategy for mobile), including but not limited to image tests, copy tests and Call-To-Action tests.


The Outcome:

Using Optimizely we have run a series of Website Conversion Optimisation tests increasing both their sites’ overall conversion rates for online customer signups. Thanks to their level of satisfaction with the work Catchi has performed so far and the results achieved, Genesis Energy has recently renewed their agreement with Catchi for another 12 months and we continue working with Genesis Energy in order to keep improving the digital results. So far we have run a range of tests and below is an example of one of the mobile tests we ran:



The variation was using icons instead of bullet points and had better, clearer headlines. There was a triple digit increase in clicks on the call to action button ‘Show Details’ compared to the original mobile design (on the left) and a significant uplift in client signups. This proved that the shorter version of the mobile deal sections works significant better than the original with long detail sections.

Another experiment we ran was the one on the offers page on desktop below. This experiment was focused on creating more clarity in the copy and the CTAs in combination with making the offers visually more appealing let to a double-digit increase in conversion rates:



As with the mobile experiment above, this experiment proved to be a big success as well and also had a significant increase in both click-throughs and sign ups.